Fair skies above the clouds come crashing down on a dragon in the form of a resilient hero, whose origins and intentions are unknown due to the unfortunate consequence of having lost all memories on impact. Noticing a unique ability to bring soil to life and connect with monsters, Ventuswill, the Divine Wind Dragon, issues you a proclamation: stay in this castle as royalty, and bring prosperity to the town of Selphia!

Now called an 'Earthmate' for your talents, you must take on the responsibilities and wishes of the citizens, and it won't be easy. Befriending the townspeople, arranging festivities, expanding the town and reviving the fields must now become second nature to you. There is also the matter of protecting the town from a great monster in the forest, only to see it transform into a young girl right before your eyes...

What reasons are there to be placed as royalty under the watchful eye of the Divine Wind? What force could transform a monster into a human being? While adventuring and building new friendships within Selphia, you – the newly-designated ruler – will draw ever closer to the secrets buried in your own lost memories.

Rune Factory 4 Special | PC requirements

Minimum (running at 60FPS in the low settings at 1080p):
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Core i5-6400
Memory: 8GB
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics HD530
Storage: 5GB

Recommended (60FPS in the max settings at 1080p):
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Core i5-9300H
Memory: 16GB
Graphics Card: GTX 1650Q
Storage: 5GB