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Rune Factory 4 Special - Bonuses

Receive bonuses in Rune Factory 5
if you played Rune Factory 4 Special
on your Nintendo Switch™! Rune Factory 4 Special Benefits Rune Factory 4 Special Benefits

[Bonus 1]

Doug and Margaret
will visit you!

Two characters from Rune Factory 4 Special will arrive in Rigbarth.
Get to know them, and they might just join you on your adventures.

  • Doug

    A Man Looking Towards the Future


    A dwarven traveler on a personal mission: to serve as a bridge between the citizens of Norad and the old empire in order to prevent needless suffering.

    Voice (ENG):  Yuri Lowenthal
    Voice (JP):  Toshiki Masuda

  • Margaret

    A Sensible Soloist and Traveler


    An elven musician who arrived at Rigbarth in search of inspiration and ideas for new songs.

    Voice (ENG):  Stephanie Sheh
    Voice (JP):  Aoi Yuki

*These characters are not marriage candidates.
*These characters will appear after the player completes a specific amount of story-related content.

[Bonus 2]

Wear Lest's and Frey's costumes!

Complete requests from Doug and Margaret to receive costumes
based on the outfits of Rune Factory 4 Special's protagonists, Lest and Frey.

Lest's Costume
Lest's Costume
Frey's Costume
Frey's Costume
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