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Rune Factory 5


After collapsing in the middle of a journey, the bewildered protagonist awakens to the sound of someone screaming for help. All around them rise the trees of an unfamiliar forest, and they realize they've forgotten everything but their own name.

Another scream brings them to their senses. The protagonist rushes toward the voice and saves a young girl from a monster attack. Before their strength gives out, they manage to bring her back to a nearby town called Rigbarth.

After learning the protagonist has amnesia, the grateful townsfolk invite them to work with a peacekeeping organization known as SEED until their memories return. And so Rigbarth's newest ranger starts their life in this idyllic town.

As they strive to protect Rigbarth from threats great and small, the protagonist becomes embroiled in a conflict that could change the fate of the world itself...

A new stage, a new adventure-
The curtain rises on the next chapter
in the Rune Factory series.



A town located on the border of the Kingdom of Norad and the old empire. Its small but diverse population consists of people who hail from both sides of the border. SEED currently ensures the peace and safety of all who live here. Simone, the town's mayor and doctor, works tirelessly to help Rigbarth prosper. Its newly established inn and restaurant prove that her efforts have begun to pay off.



A long, drawn-out conflict and the fall of the old empire resulted in a tense situation along the two countries' borders. Citizens of both nations suffered greatly during this period of anarchy.

The regions located far from the eyes of their respective governments were hit particularly hard, which prompted them to create self-defense forces. This in turn sparked further conflict as they acted in their own interests and clashed over border disputes.

Finally, one determined man managed to unite the disparate self-defense forces into a single organization, which grew into SEED. This organization increased in size as it lent its support to other countries reeling from economic hardship in the wake of all this conflict.
Now SEED plays a crucial role in preserving the peace along the borders of Norad and the old empire.

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