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Daily Life & Adventure


Join SEED and go exploring with your new friends!

Our story takes place in Rigbarth, a scenic town located in the Kingdom of Norad. After the protagonist loses their memories, they join the peacekeeping organization known as SEED and complete many missions in their name. This protagonist can be either male or female—the choice is up to you!

  • The protagonist awakens in an unfamiliar forest.

  • The townsfolk accept them into their community, and their new life as a ranger begins.

A sinister rune-related plot threatens this peaceful town!

A mysterious life force known as "runes" helps maintain a delicate balance between people and the natural world. When something starts disrupting the region's flow of rune energy, the protagonist must investigate a series of strange events.

  • Why have runes begun to disappear?

  • After pursuing a suspicious man, the protagonist finds a colossal monster waiting for them.

Complete requests and keep the peace!

Every day the townsfolk bring SEED their requests, which range from finding lost items to hunting down monsters. Complete these requests to earn SEED Points, which allow you to issue Directives.

  • Accept requests from the task board by Rigbarth Outpost. Sometimes people will personally ask you to complete their requests.

  • Catching wanted monsters is all in a day's work for a peacekeeping organization like SEED.

Issue Directives to enrich your life in Rigbarth!

Use any SEED Points you've accumulated to issue Directives. These let you organize festivals, earn licenses for skills like cooking or forging, and develop useful tools—all things that will make your life in Rigbarth even better.

  • Issue Directives by talking with Saint Eliza inside Rigbarth Outpost.

  • Choose from all sorts of fun festivals: competitions like cooking and fishing contests, or holidays such as Valentine's Day or Christmas.

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