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Casey Mongillo (EN) | Ryoko Shiraishi (JP)
A young man who has lost his memory.
He is nursed back to health after collapsing during a visit to the town of Sharance.
He is cheerful and positive, though his kindness often gets him into trouble.
Able to transform into a monster, he does his best to put an end to the conflict between humans and monsters.

Eligible Bachelorettes

Anairis Quiñones (EN) | Yukari Fukui (JP)
Works as a salesgirl for the flower shop. Quite fond of flowers herself, she personally tends to her favorite flower garden. Her personality is such that she is kind and open to everyone, regardless of if they are human or monster. Because of this, she is heartbroken that her grandfather hates monsters.
Cindy Robinson (EN) | Emiri Kato (JP)
Lives and works at the blacksmith's. She harbors a secret and doesn't talk much to others, causing them to view her as unfriendly. Gaius, the owner of the blacksmith, doesn't pry into the details of her life, so she helps out at the store while maintaining a certain distance from him.
Jenny Yokobori (EN) | Ari Ozawa (JP)
An apprentice witch and nurse aiming to become like her grandmother, a witch who runs a hospital. Although eager to incorporate medical technology from other countries into her own magical medicine, she is also a troublemaker who gets herself into difficult situations with others by trying to give them injections or any other medical treatment she can think of at every opportunity.
Kelly Baskin (EN) | Eri Kitamura (JP)
The daughter of a restaurant owner who aspires to become a chef like her father. Despite her small stature, she loves to eat all kinds of food, and is known for having never lost an eating contest. However, she is concerned that she is often seen as being younger than she is and is seriously thinking about making herself taller somehow.
Laura Stahl (EN) | Haruka Tomatsu (JP)
Loves to fish and runs the fishing resort with her brother. With her short hair and tanned skin, she clearly enjoys spending time outdoors, and when she gets into an argument, her fists usually do the talking. She gets along well with her brother, but his overly protective nature has gotten to the point where she is a little fed up with him.
Jackie Lastra (EN) | Aya Endo (JP)
Lives and works at the inn and is treated like family by the innkeepers. She loves taking baths, so she oversees that area of the inn. High-spirited, she usually moves to the beat of her own drum, but since she can be a bit scatterbrained, she often has trouble engaging in conversation with those around her.
Kayli Mills (EN) | Yui Horie (JP)
An artist who lives just outside Privera Forest near town. A bit of a go-getter, she appoints Micah as her "sidekick" without his permission and directs him to run all sorts of errands for her. Her artistic aesthetic is...unique, and not easily understood by those around her. Her love of rainbows results in her frequently creating rainbow-colored objects and collecting anything rainbow-colored.
Amber Lee Connors (EN) | Ryoko Shintani (JP)
Runs the town inn with her mother. She likes to travel and buys various products on her journeys to sell back home. Known to be sensible until money-making is involved, which then kicks her into business mode. Her mother often chastises her for annoying customers with her pushy sales tactics.
Sofia de
Jennifer Losi (EN) | Minori Chihara (JP)
A lonely young lady who lives in the grandest mansion in town. Although she means well, she has an unusual habit of saying the exact opposite of what she thinks. This quirk often causes trouble for those around her.
Caitlyn Elizabeth (EN) | Shizuka Ito (JP)
Helps out at her mother's general store. Naturally lazy-inclined, she tries to avoid doing anything by not speaking up. Even when she is put in charge of the store, she falls asleep immediately. She has a strong desire to leave the boring town of Sharance to go to the city as soon as possible, although she doesn't tell others of this desire.
Dawn M. Bennett (EN) | Mai Nakahara (JP)
The elder of the nearby monster settlement. She hates humans due to her resentment of them driving her ancestors out of their homes in the past. She looks young, but has actually lived for several hundreds of years, making her much older than she appears. In spite of her apparent age, she still likes sweets and flowers.