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Other Characters

  • Livia

    Rigbarth's Trustworthy Field Captain


    The field captain of Rigbarth Outpost. Looks young but acts much older, which gives her an air of mystery. Although she often takes a stern tone with others, she cares about everyone and never hesitates to offer a helping hand to those in need.

    Voice (ENG):  Christine Marie Cabanos
    Voice (JP):  Sayaka Sembongi

  • Gideon

    Enforcer of Absolute Order


    The Warden and founder of SEED. Unified countless peacekeeping agencies to make the organization what it is today. Refuses to tolerate evil in any shape or form.

    Voice (ENG):  Brad Venable
    Voice (JP):  Daisuke Ono

  • Oswald

    A Bandit on the Loose Near Rigbarth


    The leader of a bandit group comprised mainly of social misfits and those who have nowhere else to go. If there's trouble, then you can bet that he has something to do with it.

    Voice (ENG):  SungWon Cho
    Voice (JP):  Chafurin

  • Simone

    A Physician Who Battles All Illnesses


    Rigbarth's doctor and mayor, whom the townsfolk trust with their very lives. Puts her patients first and would never abandon someone in need of treatment. However, she tends to test her new medicines on people with unsettling casualness.

    Voice (ENG):  Veronica Taylor
    Voice (JP):  Marika Kohno

  • Julian

    A Boy Who Just Can't Follow His Heart


    Simone's lively son and Lucy's younger brother. Loves to go exploring but gets lost easily. Always trying to show off for Hina.

    Voice (ENG):  Veronica Taylor
    Voice (JP):  Masami Suzuki

  • Hina

    A Spontaneous and Carefree Girl


    A young were-animal whom the protagonist saved from a monster attack. Somewhat impulsive and often distracted by anything new and exciting. Hard to read, and at times unaware of the impact her words can have on others.

    Voice (ENG):  Mela Lee
    Voice (JP):  Shiina Natsukawa

  • Elsje

    A Master Chef (When She Feels Like It)


    The owner of Rigbarth's restaurant and Priscilla's older sister. Thinks doing just about anything requires too much effort, but is a force to be reckoned with when she feels like trying.

    Voice (ENG):  Faye Mata
    Voice (JP):  Akari Kito

  • Misasagi

    A Wild and Bewitching Beauty


    Murakumo's older sister and Hina's mother. Constantly doting on her daughter. Came to Rigbarth to see whether Murakumo was doing a good job running his inn.

    Voice (ENG):  Erika Ishii
    Voice (JP):  Yukiyo Fujii

  • Randolph

    A Grandfatherly Baker Who's All Smiles


    Runs the bakery with his beloved wife, Yuki. Never stops smiling and treats everyone with warmth and kindness. Takes his work seriously and constantly comes up with new ideas for bread.

    Voice (ENG):  Frank Todaro
    Voice (JP):  VOLCANO OTA

  • Yuki

    A Grandmotherly Baker Who Welcomes All


    Runs the bakery with her beloved husband, Randolph. Never one to judge others, she has little fear of strangers and accepts people as they are.

    Voice (ENG):  Philece Sampler
    Voice (JP):  Naoko Watanabe

  • Terry

    An Easygoing Insider


    Knows a little bit about everyone and everything. Enjoyed puzzling over mysteries in his spare time, so one day he decided to become a full-blown detective. Quick to make plans and put them into action.

    Voice (ENG):  Joe Zieja
    Voice (JP):  Taku Yashiro

  • Heinz

    A Punsmith Pursuing Happiness


    Always acts like he's in the middle of a comedy routine. Owns the local crystal shop, but he'd much rather let someone else run his business while he takes off to have some fun. Can't seem to look people in the eyes when he talks.

    Voice (ENG):  Kyle Hebert
    Voice (JP):  Takumu Miyazono

  • Darroch

    Puts Himself in His Client's Shoes


    A dwarven blacksmith who owns the True Strike Smithy. Always sees his customers' requests through, no matter what they've commissioned. Acts humble around the town's older ladies, who have all known him since his younger days.

    Voice (ENG):  Taylor Henry
    Voice (JP):  Hirofumi Nojima

  • Palmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille

    A Famous Architect Whose Creativity Knows No Bounds

    Palmo Creacie de Sainte-Coquille

    Rigbarth's master carpenter. His reputation as an amazing architect brings in requests from the royal palace and far-flung regions across the sea. He constructed most of the buildings in Rigbarth.

    Voice (ENG):  Ethan Murray
    Voice (JP):  Takahiro Fujimoto

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