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Daily Life & Adventure

Daily Life

Live life in Rigbarth to the fullest!

Rigbarth isn't just your home base for adventures. It's also home to many friendly, unique individuals who will become part of your daily life. Every season brings new festivals to compete in and more items to buy, so there's never a dull moment.

  • Events such as festivals and birthdays take place practically every week in Rigbarth.

  • The local shops have a variety of items for sale. Just don't forget when they close!

Town Facilities
Rigbarth Outpost
SEED's base of operations in Rigbarth. Also known as the Silo to the locals. The protagonist lives on the second floor.
Sweet Hearth
- Bakery -
Owned by Randolph and Yuki. The smell of delicious pastries always fills the air.
- Restaurant -
Managed by Elsje. The townsfolk congregate here during mealtimes.
Rigbarth Clinic
Run by Simone in her dual role as doctor and mayor. If you collapse from exhaustion or are defeated in battle, someone will bring you here.
The Blue Moon
- The Town Inn -
Easily identified by the tiger and dragon statues adorning its roof. The owner, Murakumo, takes pride in the healing properties of his hot springs.
The Crystalabra
- Crystal Shop -
Operated by the ever-optimistic Heinz, although he doesn't actually have any crystals for sale at the moment...
Studio Palmo
The workshop of Palmo, Rigbarth's famous architect. He can sell you building expansions and all sorts of furniture.
- General Store -
Find everything you need for your day-to-day life here. Expect to visit often.
True Strike Smithy
- Blacksmith -
The blacksmith Darroch and his apprentice Martin work here. The pleasant sounds of smithing ring loud and clear.
Terry's Detective Agency
The office of great detective Terry and his apprentice Cecil. If you ever need any help, you know who to call.
- Flower Shop-
Run by Ludmila. She sells a variety of beautiful flowers that will surely brighten anyone's day.
Belpha Ruins
Ruins located on the outskirts of town. Supposedly a sprawling dungeon lies deep within.

Participate in fun festivals all year round!

Host different festivals every season, such as the Cooking Contest and the Fish Variety Contest. You can enjoy some festivals as a pair, which gives you the perfect chance to hang out with a good friend or that person you've had your eye on.

  • A seaside town like Rigbarth naturally celebrates Beach Day each summer. Throw on your swimsuit and hit the beach with everyone else!

  • You can hold the Fish Variety Contest at any time during the year, so grab a friend to help you reel in a big one!

Farm work's no drag when you're riding a dragon!

Till your fields, plant some seeds, water them every day, and you'll be ready to harvest crops in no time. Ship out the fruits (and veggies) of your labor to earn money, or even use them to cook new dishes. In addition to the one in town, you can also work fields on the backs of giant dragons!

  • Increase your field's level by growing many different crops. Produce the greatest harvest anyone has ever seen!

  • Brand-new crops await you! Think you can handle a super-sized strawberry?

Gather materials to craft new items!

From fishing in the ocean and rivers to mining ore in dungeons, you can collect items in-between your farm work and adventures in all sorts of ways. Cook, forge, craft, and mix medicines with the materials you've found to create new items.

  • In addition to crafting, you can sell items you've gathered for a profit or gift them to the townsfolk.

  • Eat recipe bread to learn how to create more items. High-level items require a higher amount of skill to make.

Raise many monster friends!

Tame monsters that live beyond Rigbarth's walls and bring them home with you. Take good care of them to gain their trust and train them in battles to increase their strength. You'll end up with lots of loyal friends who can accompany you on your adventures!

  • When you find a monster you'd like to tame, convince them you want to be friends by brushing and giving them presents.

  • Some monsters will even produce milk or eggs for you, while others provide crafting-related items such as wool!

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