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Daily Life & Adventure


Master a variety of weapons and find your favorite fighting style!

Choose from seven different types of weapons, including swords, axes, and staves. Specialize in one to increase your weapon proficiency and gain access to dash attacks, charge attacks, and even ultimate attacks.

  • You can find weapons in shops and dungeons, as well as forge them yourself.

  • You can also change your companions' weapons. Equip them with something that takes advantage of an enemy's weakness to deal out as much damage as possible!

Weapon Types
Short Swords
Well-balanced weapons that leave no openings.
Long Swords
Boast increased attack range and power.
Dual Blades
Unleash a flurry of lightning-quick attacks.
Their long reach keeps enemies at bay.
Strike powerful blows, stun enemies, and score more critical hits with these heavy hitters.
Unleash rapid-fire attacks and hurl enemies.
Come with a variety of elemental spells and charge attacks.

Use rune abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Rune abilities are special techniques that consume RP (Rune Points) and let you use unique attacks or healing spells. Switch out your rune abilities at any time to target an enemy's weak point and adopt a more versatile battle style.

  • Some spells will home in on enemies or deal damage across a wide area.

  • Equip rune abilities before rushing into battle to have them ready when you need them.

New Tool: Spell Seal

Only official SEED rangers can use spell seals, which allow you to stop monsters in their tracks with the Catch ability.

  • Catch hold of enemies and grab whatever items they're carrying.

  • Unlike monsters you've tamed, any monsters you've Caught will only fight alongside you as temporary allies.

Go adventuring with your new companions!

Any townsfolk or monsters you've befriended will assist you during battles. They gain experience and level up just like the protagonist, so help train them to become powerful partners!

  • You can ride some of the monsters you've tamed into battle.

  • Team up with the townsfolk to perform link attacks.

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